Online Password Generator: Generate a really secure password quickly and easily!

If you are on the Internet, you cannot avoid registering on different websites. Secure passwords are urgently needed for this. But what are secure passwords and how can you create such a secure password? Humans naturally tend to create a password that is easy to remember. But mostly these are not secure passwords. The password generator helps you to create really secure passwords.

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1 - 7 characters: bad (can be cracked in about 3 months) = 8 - 15 characters: good (can be cracked in about 14,690,869 years) = 16 - 32 characters: very good (can be cracked in about 25,311,192,448 years) = 33 - 51 characters: super (can be cracked in approx. 39,706,108,680 years) These are rough guide values and do not guarantee that it is really the case!

Use of the password generator is at your own risk. We exclude any liability! This password generator is based on the Codepalm code (