A little more peace and less strife.
A little more kindness and less envy
A little more truth all around
and much more help in case of danger.

A little more us and less me.
A little more fortitude and not so squeamish.
And many more flowers during life -
For on the graves they are in vain

TFR - Triple F Ranch

Our tiny Paint Horse Ranch in Bavaria!

Established in the year 1920 by our great-grandfather, the ranch is located in the foothills west of the Ammergauer Alps, directly on the German-Austrian border. From the pastures you can see the Ammergauer Alps, Neuschwanstein Castle and the Hopfensee. With an elevation of 2936 ft above sea level many healthy and tasty herbs grow on these meadows. In the year 1987 the cattle keeping was terminated and five years later - 1992 - we started our little horse business. Twelve years later, in 2004, we changed from Haflinger to American Paint Horses.

All our stalls, as well as the large paddock and the perimeter of the ranch are video monitored around the clock!

Our barn - wich was constructed in the year 2016 by our very own hands and labor - offers comfortable, with light flooded boxes to the horses. Heated watering places are mandatory. The large windows to look around provide some entertainment, so long, snowy winter days are not so boring anymore. The new spacious paddocks offer sufficient movement for the animals in the summer as well as in the cold season. A hot water horse shower and a farriers place are also included.

Our pastures are almost 2950 ft above sea level and offer the horses exercise and good forage. Surrounded by forest on one side, there is a breathtaking view of the Ammergau Alps on the other. There is a constant water supply for our horses on the property, as well as a weatherproof pasture shelter.

Our outdoor area (about 50ft x 100ft) - constructed in the year 2007 - has an all-weather covering, but unfortunately no roof. In addition to the classic dressage, you can jump (great range of obstacles) and, of course, Western riding. In addition to bars, there are also a bridge and gate available for trail tasks. Poles for Pole Bending and Barrels for the Barrel Race are also available. For some fun in the arena a mechanical cow with remote control is available. And for the roping practise there are different dummies. In 2019 we did a complete renovation of the outdoor arena including a new fence and a new ground.

Can I rent a horse from you?

 NO!  -  What the hell? ... NO, you can absolutely not rent our horses!

Do you offer boarding?

NO!  -  We do not offer boarding for horses. Not now and not in the future!

Do you give riding lessons?

NO!  -  We give no riding lessons and offer no horse training!