crewSabrina H. Freiberg with TFR Hollywood San Dee

Sabrina has a well-educated riding education, which began with the small horseshoe FN and now stands at the Western Riding Badge in silver. In addition, she is Trainer C (according to the old, stricter rules).
Sabrina is successful on the shows and has among Bavarian and German champions two European Champions in her portfolio. With Docs Shining Check, she became Vice European Champion in the Barrel Race. With TFR Hollywood San Dee, she reached the European Championship title in the Working Cowhorse Amateur, which she has held since 2013.
Sabrina owns three American Paint Horses.

Matthias K. Freiberg with TFR Indios TurboCheck

Matthias started his education as a rider at home. He served then - after his professional training - as a rider with the German military . There he was able to make various riding badges, in addition to the training in the high mountains (right, with horse!). Among other things he also achieved the "Trail ride instructor" FN, as well as the Trail Ride badge in silver.
After his service in the German army he successfully completed his training as a certified equine manager in a renowned training, breeding and tournament stable.
At home he takes care of the ranch and the hooves of the horses. In addition, he is training his little stallion.
Matthias has three horses: a Haflinger, a Quarter Horse and a Paint Horse.