est. 1992

Don't walk in front of me, I don't want to follow you! Don't walk behind me, I don't want to lead you!
Walk beside me, and be my friend!

The TFR Team

Sabrina, Matthias and Maria

Job description: Certified Equine Manager   -  Specialization: horse keeping and service
Awarded in: Bavaria - Germany
Responsible Authority:

The TFR team has a lot of passion and expertise in dealing with horses. We have been breeding, riding and training for many years. Although we are just a private stable and do not operate a business, we have attached great importance to solid professional training.


Assistance Trainer EWU
Trainer C Western (DSB)
Mounted Guide FN
Trail Riding Guide FN
Certified Equine Manager

Riding Badges:

Small Horseshoe FN
Big Horseshoe FN
Horseshoe Western EWU
Basic Pass Equine Studies EWU
Riding Pass FN
Trail Riding Badge FN Bronce
Trail Riding Badge FN Silver
Western Riding Badge EWU Bronce
Western Riding Badge EWU Silver
Driving Badge Class IV FN